Art Specification

For good printing/embroidery results we need good art to start with!

Screen printing:

All screen print artwork will be converted to Pantone Solid spot colours. In all cases, the closest CMYK colour match possible will be used, but we prefer our clients to give us the Pantone colour if possible. The maximum size for your screen print is 29cm in width and 40cm in height and the maximum colours for every design is 7

File formats that are accepted are as follows:

                        .jpeg (must be 300 dpi)

                        .ai (Adobe Illustrator file)

                        .eps (Encapsulated Postscript)

                        .pdf (Portable Document Format)

                        .psd (Photoshop Document)

Additional Notes:

Artworks with gradient effects should be half toned before sending.

Halftone specs:

Output: 300 Pixel / inch

Use: halftone Screen

Frequency: 35 lines / inch

Angle: -30 degrees

Shape: Ellipse


We use generic size settings for various print positions, a list of these sizes are outlined below, the following considerations should be noted when printing/embroidering various goods. If printing/embroidering goods and sizes range from small to extra large  using a standard chest size print ,the print/embroidery may appear very large on a small garment and on an extra large slightly small. If printing/embroidering on the back of hooded sweatshirts, the hood on the garment may obscure a back print.

Generic Print Positions:                                               Generic Embroidery:                   
Front size 26 cm x 15 cm                                              Breast size 10cm x 6 cm    
Back size 26 cm x 15 cm                                                  
Breast size 10cm x 5 cm                                                  
Sleeve Print 9 cm x 4 cm                             

Remember! You will get a visual from us before production.                

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