• How do I order online?
  1. Select the product you require e.g. T shirt
  2. Select the type of T shirt you require e.g. kids, unisex, ladies etc
  3. Select the actual product e.g. Fruit of the loom valueweight style, code 61036
  4. Select the quantity range e.g. 50- 99 (please note that unit price will change, depends on the quantity range you have selected. The more Tees you order, the cheaper the unit price becomes).
  5. Select the colour and sizes, that you require for the garment selected (the order quantity must be in the range selected). When you have entered the size and colour press the ADD button. If you wish to select additional colours and sizes continue with the process by clicking MODIFY.
  6. Select print position for the first logo.
  7. If you only require a 1 colour print, attach your artwork by clicking UPLOAD IMAGE, click ADD and proceed to CONFIRM AND ADD TO CART.
  8. If your print is more than 1 colour e.g. 3 colours tick the box “My logo comprises more than 1 colour” and enter the additional colours required in this case it is 2 additional colours. Enter 2 in the box and press the add button, you will see that unit price has changed. You can now attach the design and click ADD.
  9. If you require another print position, first select the print position from the drop list provided (example back, left sleeve, right sleeve etc) Enter the total amount of colours required e.g. 4 colours are in your design for the back of the T shirt enter 4 and again upload the artwork and click ADD and CONFIRM AND ADD TO CART.

If you are finished with the order, go to check out. Please check that you have entered correct quantities and if you are happy with everything, proceed with the order.

  • How long will it take to get my order?

Your order will be dispatched in 10 days from receipt of your confirmed order. A confirmed order occurs when we have received your payment and Art/design. So once your order has been completed online, your Art/design received you are now booked for production, so sit back and relax and wait for your goods to arrive.

  • When I complete my order online is that it?!

For the most part YES, however to ensure that everything is as expected we will send you a FREE VISUAL for your approval, prior to production. You must respond to this mail to confirm all is in order. If you require changes please e mail us back, and we will do another FREE VISUAL again for your approval.  Once we have received your approval, sit back and relax! Your order will be with you soon.

  • What is the minimum order? And why is there a minimum?

The minimum order for printing is only 20 pieces and for embroidery 8 pieces. The reason there is a minimum quantity is because below these quantities the prices are quite high, so if you need less than 20 done, you should contact our friendly customer service to discuss same and see how we can help.

  • What type of artwork can I send?

For good printing/embroidery results we need good art to start with! We accept Jpegs (300DPI), adobe photoshop files, corel draw, PDF, Illustrator, resolution of 300DPI.

  • Why do I pay VAT ?

There is Vat on all items that we supply except children’s clothing. The VAT we charge is returned to the revenue commissioners and is not kept by us, the rate may change from time to time usually during a budget review by the government. If you have a VAT number and are based outside Ireland do you have to pay VAT? The answer is NO. However our system at present will charge VAT on all transactions, if you are VAT exempt please contact our customer service department.

  • How do I get my VAT invoice?

Your Vat invoice is automatically generated when you order is processed. You will receive it with your order confirmation.

  • How do you ship my order?

Your order is dispatched via Pony Express with overnight delivery in Ireland and 3 day delivery for the UK and Europe.

  • How do I pay for my order?

You may pay us by Credit or Laser Card as you place your order; payment is secure and is handled by Sage pay.

  • What is the return policy?

You can return your goods and seek credit or replacement for any of the following reasons:
Goods are printed/embroidered incorrectly i.e. they are not as per the VISUAL that you approved, Goods are faulty. Incorrect goods are supplied.
Spelling mistakes that have been approved by you are not the responsibility of Colours International. It is of vital IMPORTANCE that you check the VISUAL prior to production.

  • Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order within 24 hours of your order being confirmed, a full refund will be issued.

  • Can I get my order quicker?

Please contact our customer care team to discuss it.

  • What size can I print or embroider my design?

We use generic size settings for various print positions, a list of these sizes are outlined below, the following considerations should be noted when printing/embroidery various goods. If printing/embroidering goods and sizes range from small to extra large  using a standard chest size print ,the print/embroidery may appear very large on a small garment and on an extra large slightly small.
If printing/embroidering on the back of hooded sweatshirts, the hood on the garment may obscure a back print.

Generic Print Positions:                                               Generic Embroidery:                   
Front size 26 cm x 15 cm                                  Breast size 10cm x 6 cm    
Back size 26 cm x 15 cm                                                  
Breast size 10cm x 5 cm                                                  
Sleeve Print 9 cm x 4 cm              

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